Analytics and Optimization put into practice

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"My drive is to help customers in their search for a solid answer to their complex logistics challenges. As a quantitative business consultant, my challenge is to present advanced analytics to the outside world in an understandable way, without neglecting the complexities. My challenge starts before the customer formulates a question, and does not end before the customer is fully satisfied. I like working in teams. It makes me happy to get the right team member into the right position to deliver high quality work." - Rutger de Mare

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Quo Mare offers consulting and modeling solutions in the field of Quantitative Optimization, also known as Operations Research or Econometrics. Rutger de Mare (founder) is an experienced business consultant. His footprint is in Supply Chain / Logistics including Financial modeling.


Increased Value

The opportunities to improve the bottom line by simply using data are overwhelming.

Next level IT

Today's data and algorithms are extremely powerful, but the challenge is to use the right data and algorithm for the right problem.

Smooth Operations

Improved planning leads to smooth and cost efficient operations

Increased Sales

Optimize sales using Forecasting, S&OP Optimization and Revenue Management


Christophe Frere - VP EMEA AIMMS

I worked together with Rutger on various projects the last five years. Customers appreciated his pragmatic but smart approach to solve key business problems. Rutger is an integer person with a passion for business improvement using quantitative analytics. Small or big projects Rutger is able to deliver.

Antony Francis - AVP Reliance

Rutger was associated with building a crude scheduling software for Reliance Industries Limited Jamnagar refinery (World's largest refinery). The optimization features incorporated by him in the above software for crude blending and crude unloading into tanks are the major differentiators with respect to the competing products available from other SCM solution providers. I thoroughly enjoyed the intellectual discussions we had during the development of this project with Rutger. I wish him all the very best to him in all his future endeavors.

Lennart Rommens – Managing director Shareship

Rutger is very passionate in his work and committed to success of his client, instead of ‘just’ delivering the agreed scope. Rutger is flexible in shifting between a strategic and operational role, and he will be the first to go the extra mile when required. But most of all he is a great guy to work with and I am grateful for his support in the development of Shareship.


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